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I come from a family of five kids and two loving parents. My father, who was a traveling nurse, was required to move a lot, which accustomed me to accepting change and learning to adapt. My siblings all enjoyed creativity in some sort of aspect or another. My brother and I used to make "movie trailers", by which I mean we would record random scenes of us doing crazy things, give them special effects, then place them together with music. I always wanted to expand that genre of my life, but I was always told I needed to be good with math and that detoured me from seeking out the career of programming. 

After meeting my lovely wife at BYU-I and graduating with my medical assistant license, we moved to Utah where I planned to continue in the medical field. However, after working for six years as an MA, I realized that I was not happy with where I was or where I was heading. This is when I looked into the world of code.

Coding has changed my life and has made me excited to learn again. I will always cherish what I learned in the medical field and my love of biology; however, I finally found a place where my ideas can become a reality. The interpersonal skills I developed in the medical field have helped me integrate into the coding world and find the courage to take charge in groups; to lead and guide a group to work beyond their original ideals and reach for something higher together.

My wife and I have three wonderful boys, a seven-year-old, a five-year-old, and a two-year-old, whom we cherish more than anything. I'm excited to see how they grow and what sorts of things they will choose to be a part of. 

One of my goals in life is to become project manager/CEO of an indie game company. I have many talents in many different subjects that make me a Jack-of all trades, but a master of none. However, I have great interpersonal skills. This, combined with my experience in multiple subjects, make me understanding of different perspectives and skills.

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